Cutting and Bending Services

Laser Cutting of Pipes and Sections

Metals: acid-resistant steel, carbon steel, aluminium.

Cutting parameters: diameter from ∅ 15 to ∅ 150 [mm]; length up to 6500 [mm]; thickness up to 6 [mm].

Cutting of pipes: "clean cut" option, that make no spalling inside the pipe.

Metals: acid-resistant steel up to 20 [mm], carbon steel up to 22 [mm], aluminum up to 12 [mm], brass up to 6 [mm], copper up to 6 [mm].

Cutting parameters: length 3000 x 1500 [mm]

Metals: carbon steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminium, plastics, stone, gres, rubber and other plastics.

Cutting parameters: up to 10 [mm], length 3000 x 1500 [mm], weight up to 3,5 [t].

Metals: acid-resistant steel, carbon steel, aluminium.

Bending parameters: bending lenght up to 3000 [mm], metal sheet thickness up to 12 [mm].

Bending parameters:
- diameter: Ø25, Ø30, Ø42.4, Ø50.8, Ø60,
- dimensions: 20×20, 25×25, 30×30, 40×40.

- Metal cutting guillotine
- Cutting with band saw
- Rolling of sheet metal
- TIG, MIG & MAG welding and shielded metal welding
- Polishing of sheet metal, pipes and sections